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Resources for teachers

In Saskatchewan we have healthy lifestyle resources available for teachers to use with students to help them make informed personal choices and adopt healthy behaviours related to cancer prevention.

Teachers can bring information about cancer prevention to young people while they are in an active learning situation before they develop fears and misconceptions. Therefore, a special goal of cancer prevention education is to help make youth aware that health in their adult years depends to a large extent on habits developed while they are young.

It is also hoped that, since students often communicate to their parents and other relatives what they have learnt in school, some of the information about cancer prevention may be disseminated to the community in general for the benefit of all.

If you are a teacher, contact our provincial office for more information on how to obtain resources.

Educational resources

Items available for bulk ordering

HPV fact sheet  Download fact sheet
Healthy Choices
This 16-page booklet teaches children from kindergarten to Grade 3 about healthy lifestyles, including nutrition, physical activity, sun safety and saying no to tobacco. The booklet includes, cute cartoon characters as well as fun and informative activities. There is a fee for bulk order so we have them also available as a free download.
Choices Activity
Hookah Bars - What you need to know hookah-card
Indoor tanning posters and postcards Download Posters & Postcards
No-smoking door hangers for your car home or office Download door hangers
Smokers helpline poster Download smokers helpline poster
Motivator meter One of our most popular resources, the motivator explains the benefits of quitting after as little as 20 minutes. It provides alternatives to smoking and calculates the amount of money you can save the longer you stay smoke-free.
Sunsense for grades 1 - 3 Download sunsense for grades 1 - 3
Sunsense for grades 4 - 6 Download sunsense for grades 4 - 6
Sunsense for grades 7 - 8 Download sunsense for grades 7 - 8
Radon fact sheet Download fact sheet
E-Cigarettes fact sheet Download fact sheet