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The Thingamaboob : get your keychain today!

The Thingamaboob keychain reminds women aged 50 to 69 of the importance of getting a mammogram every two years for the early detection of breast cancer.




Buy your Thingamaboob!

Visit any Jean Coutu pharmacy between November 21 and January 10 and buy your Thingamaboob for $5. Why not offer one to all women you care about !

The key chain is chic and stylish and it’s a good example of the importance of a mammography.

  • Early detection

    A screening mammogram enables detecting breast cancer sooner, which increases the odds of being successfully treated.

    Why get a mammogram every two years? It helps detect breast cancer earlier, which increases the chances of successful treatment.

    Screening mammograms are performed at clinics and screening centres.

    A mammogram is a low dose X-ray of the breast tissue that provides detailed images of the breast from various angles. The breast is first placed between two plastic plates, which compress against the breast to flatten it. The procedure can be somewhat uncomfortable, but this discomfort only lasts a few seconds. Compressing the breast tissue enables getting clearer images while minimizing the number of X-rays that have to be taken.

    For further information on the benefits and limitations of the mammogram, call 1 888 939-3333 or email us at

  • How to get a mammogram

    All women aged between 50 and 69 receive a letter from the Quebec breast cancer screening program (PQDCS). This letter serves as a prescription to get a mammogram. Use this letter and schedule an appointment at a designated screening centre.

    If you’re between the ages of 50 and 69 and haven’t received a letter, contact your Regional service coordination centre.

    If you’re under 50 and want to get a mammogram, speak to your physician about your personal breast cancer risk factors, and the benefits and limitations of the mammogram.