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Smoke Free Housing Alberta

Second-hand tobacco smoke causes premature death and disease in adults and children. Those exposed to second-hand tobacco smoke for long periods of time are more likely to develop and die from heart disease, respiratory diseases and lung cancer. Every year in Canada, it is estimated that second-hand smoke causes 800 deaths in non-smokers.

Involuntary exposure to second-hand smoke is a problem in multi-unit housing in Alberta. While 70% of multi-unit residents in Alberta want to live in smoke-free buildings, currently only 27% report that they do. When a building goes smoke-free there are benefits for everyone, including owners, property managers, and residents (both smokers and non-smokers alike). Join the movement towards smoke-free multi-unit living in Alberta. Smoke-free policies in all forms of multi-unit housing in Alberta are 100% legal and easier to implement than many housing providers think. To find smoke-free housing, learn how to make your building smoke-free, or to advertise units in your smoke-free building visit

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