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How do I find a breast screening program?

For women aged 50 to 74

All provinces have breast cancer screening programs for this age range if you are at average risk for breast cancer. You can make an appointment at a screening centre without a doctor’s referral.

For women aged 40 to 49

Depending on your provincial program, you may be able to make an appointment without a referral or you may need your doctor or nurse practitioner to refer you to the program. Your provincial screening program may not accept women aged 40 to 49 for a screening mammogram where you do not have any symptoms and are not high risk. In that case, you may need to talk to your doctor about the best way to have a mammogram.

For women at high risk

Some provinces have programs or protocols for women at elevated or high risk. The criteria for high risk varies by province, and you should talk to your doctor about which screening program is best for you and at what age you should start screening if you are at higher risk. Women in these programs may have more frequent mammograms and require other diagnostic tests.