Dr Paul Demers and Dr Emile Tompa

Occupational Cancer Research Centre (Demers) and Institute for Work & Health (Tompa)

Dr Paul Demers
The cost of asbestos-related cancers

Asbestos is a known cancer-causing substance often found in the workplace. The cost of asbestos-related cancers has not been well documented but is important for informing policymakers on the best strategies to reduce exposure. Dr Paul Demers led a project to estimate the number of newly diagnosed cases of mesothelioma and lung cancers attributable to work-related asbestos exposures in Canada. Dr Emile Tompa led a study on identifying the economic burden of these newly identified cases. The team found that newly diagnosed cases cost nearly $2.4 billion. This research highlights a pressing need for new policies for lowering asbestos exposure, preventing cancer and decreasing its costs to society.

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Photo : Dr Paul Demers