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Nova Scotia volunteer awards

  • National Medal of Courage

    The Medal of Courage is a national award presented to a Canadian Cancer Society volunteer who has demonstrated exceptional courage in their personal battle with cancer and serves as an inspiration and role model to others. This year the prestigious award goes to Susan Taylor.

    In January 2013 Susan Taylor’s husband, Maynard Simpson, was diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus. Susan and Maynard, both farmers, live in Economy, Nova Scotia – a 300km round trip from Halifax where he would receive treatment.   Soon after diagnosis they learned that they were $238 over the income threshold for the Provincial Boarding, Transportation and Ostomy program and would not qualify for this support. Although they stayed at the Lodge that Gives, the financial burden of travelling to and from Halifax was more that they could afford.

    Susan immediately saw injustice in this system and was determined to fix it. While Maynard was receiving treatment, Susan started a letter writing campaign and alerted her MLAs of the situation. Toward the end of Maynard’s treatment Susan went to the legislature and hand-delivered her letters to each of the party leaders.

    After several weeks of Susan’s persistent lobbying, the provincial government agreed to make an exception for Maynard. Susan’s lobbying however did not stop there. She was determined to be a voice for others who had not had an opportunity to speak about this issue. While Maynard was recovering, Susan relentlessly campaigned about this issue making countless phone calls, writing additional letters and meeting with MLA’s in attempt to bring more attention to the financial burden cancer patient’s face. Where many would hesitate to speak publicly about such a sensitive and personal issue, on numerous occasions both Susan and Maynard told their story.

    During the last Nova Scotia election, Susan became frustrated with the lack of media coverage on the BTO program funding issue. When most people would have given up, Susan did the opposite. She called and spoke to every executive producer at every single news outlet in Nova Scotia, resulting in CBC News Nova Scotia picking up the story and running two headline stories on the BTO issue.

    Despite eventually qualifying for the BTO program, Susan and Maynard remained adamant that the income threshold be lowered, so that many other Nova Scotians could receive the support they needed. Susan’s passion and courage have been inspiring to all of those around her. She demonstrated compassion for others she knew would be facing the same financial burden when seeking treatment, persevered when many would have given up, and ultimately demonstrated courage and conviction in an effort to motivate change.

    On behalf of The Canadian Cancer Society Nova Scotia Division, we honour Susan for her inspiration and courage. She is truly a role model to us. Congratulations Susan on receiving the prestigious Medal of Courage.

  • Lifetime Achievement

    The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes individuals who have served with the Canadian Cancer Society for more than 15 years and whose actions have significantly furthered the Society’s mission and demonstrated our values.

    Ann Wynn and Gloria Feindel

    At an event on April 10th we presented this award to both Ann Wynn and Gloria Feindel of the New Germany Unit who have each given over 40 years of service to the Canadian Cancer Society.

  • Distinguished Leadership

    The Distinguished Leadership Volunteer of the Year Award recognizes leadership through a commitment to furthering the Canadian Cancer Society’s mission and values, contributions that impact goals with innovation, team work and visionary thinking.  

    George Cameron and Cathy LeBlanc

    There are no better candidates for this award than George Cameron and Cathy LeBlanc for their 10 years of leadership on the Pictou Curl for Cancer Event

  • Special Recognition

    The Nova Scotia Division Special Recognition Award recognizes groups, businesses or organizations that have given at least 5 years of special service to the Canadian Cancer Society and to achieving the Society’s mission and purpose. This year, we awarded this honour to 3 recipients.

    Nova Scotia Insurance Women's Association

    Nova Scotia Insurance Women’s Association have assisted the Society greatly in our mission to eradicate cancer and enhance the quality of life of people living with cancer by raising awareness and over $187,000 for breast cancer research.


    For more than 20 years, Farmers has been the exclusive Provincial Distribution Partner for our annual daffodil campaign.  The value of their contribution to the Canadian Cancer Society is immeasurable, and as such, this partnership has become an integral part of the daffodil campaign

    Scotiabank, Cumberland County Branches

    Since 2009 team Scotia- Banking on a Cure has raised over $77,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society.  

  • Certificate of Merit

    This award is reserved for individuals who have given meritorious volunteer service to the Canadian Cancer Society, demonstrating the Society’s mission and values within their community. 

    Ann Keddy

    For 7 years of outstanding leadership with the Amherst Relay For Life.

    Loretta MacGillivray

    For 6 years of participation at the St.Fx University Relay and for serving as a mentor and motivator to the student leadership team

    Gloria Fultz

    For her 10 years of dedicated service to the Dartmouth Unit.

  • Volunteer Youth Award

    The Nova Scotia Division Individual Youth Volunteer Award recognizes individuals 24 and under who have made an outstanding contribution to fundraising or who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to the Canadian Cancer Society’s mission and values.

    Rachel Theriault

    Rachel Theriault has demonstrated exceptional leadership by Co-chairing the Acadia university event since 2012 and in addition received the top fundraiser award in 2013.

  • Jim Connors Award

    This award is reserved for an individual who through exceptional leadership has made a significant, positive impact on those affected by cancer in a short period of time and who has advanced the Society’s mission and values within their community. 

    Alex MacAulay

    Our recipient this year is Alex MacAulay who has helped us capture Canadian Cancer Society memories and has enabled us to tell our story through his beautiful photographs.

Volunteer award nominations

If you’d like to nominate a volunteer, group or organization in your district for the Honours & Awards program, please fill out one of the below forms, or contact Kim Vieno: or 1-800-639-0222

Download 2016 National Impact Awards Nomination Package

Download 2016 Division Impact Awards Nomination Package



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