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Leadership opportunities

Youth Troop

The Youth Troop is one way youth can be a force-for-life in the face of of cancer. When you join a Youth Troop you’ll be representing your fellow peers and your school. What better way to help have an impact and gain leadership experience than by bringing awareness and planning fundraising activities that all link back to the CCS mission?

Some CCS offices have Youth Troops in place. If not, perhaps it’s time you partner up with them to start an YT there or at your high school. Or, you could team up with the office to come up with something unique.

Youth Troop leadership positions

Co-chair: Help run the show by planning events and activities that support the local community offices.

Vice-chair: Be the Co-chair’s go-to-guy/girl in helping plan events and activities.

Secretary: Help out the YT by taking notes at meetings and with other administrative stuff.

School rep: Represent your high school as a member of the Youth Troop and support your local Society office by planning activities and events in your school.

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