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Fundraising opportunities

  • Daffodil Month (April)

    There are many things you can do to earn some volunteer hours leading up to and during the month of April.

    Daffodil Pin Sales

    • Get together with your friends or family and volunteer just a few hours of your time selling daffodil pins to help fund life-saving cancer research and vital community support services. We’ll supply you with everything you need to get started. If you need more than a few hours, we can provide you with many more!
    • Come into your local office and help us get organized before or after Daffodil Month. Count pins, put together packages, keep us on track- we could use your help!
    • Organize daffodil pin sales by students from your school out in the community. You organize the volunteer schedules, hand out the materials and head out to happening areas in your community to sell pins. Not only will you be hanging out with your friends, you’ll be raising funds for ground breaking research and important community support services.
    • Take charge of getting daffodil pin boxes out in your school and businesses in your community. You take the boxes to the businesses; offer them the opportunity to support Canadians living with cancer by displaying the box and then you collect the box and the proceeds to return to our offices.
    • Set up competitions between grades or schools to see who can raise the most. Push your school spirit into high gear while making a difference.

    Opportunities related to Daffodil Month are posted from February through April each year.

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  • Relay For Life

    Youth-specific Relay For Life events

    Accept the baton and pass it on! Bring your school community together with a Youth Relay For Life event.

    It’s a chance for you to enjoy a day of fun activities, to honour people who have lived with or are living with cancer, and remember those we've lost. It’s an opportunity to learn more about cancer, early detection, screening and prevention. It’s a way for you to make a positive difference in the lives of people living with cancer.

    Learn more about Youth Relay For Life

    Relay For Life events across Ontario (June)

    Relay For Life is an exciting fundraising event where every baton passed, every kilometre walked and every dollar raised has impact. More than just an event, Relay For Life is a life-changing experience.

    Volunteer or form a team and participate in your local Relay For Life! Learn more about Relay For Life here.

    Interested in volunteering during the event? Information on these specific opportunities in your community is posted from May through June each year.

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  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    Pink ribbon sales

    Build up your volunteer hours and cover your community in pink! Get together with your friends or family and volunteer just a few hours of your time selling pink ribbons out in your neighbourhood. We’ll supply you with everything you need to get started. If you need more than a few hours, we can provide you with many more!

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    School events

    Take part in breast cancer fundraisers at your school. Dare your friends to sponsor you to dye your hair pink, paint your nails pink or think of your own crazy way to show you support the cancer cause. Maybe your friends will join in or maybe you’ll stand out from the crowd, either way you’re making a difference.

  • Special events

    There are tons of fun events happening at CCS from obstacle runs to food and family fun days and everything in between. You can get some hours by volunteering on event day, or be a leader as part of a planning committee for events with your local community office.

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    Hold your own event!

    What do you love to do? What if we told you that you could turn your hobby into a meaningful fundraiser?

    Plan a movie marathon...battle of the a basketball tournament...set up a lemonade stand...cut your hair or shave your head...the possibilities are endless. Combine your personal passion with our fundraising tools and soon you will be raising critical funds while doing something you love.

    Learn more about organizing your own fundraiser or register today to create your own fundraising page and access helpful fundraising resources.



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