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Volunteer at a Society office

Community offices are at the heart of planning and implementing Society fundraising activities, delivering services, promoting healthy public policies and educating the public about cancer and prevention. Society offices support community work by delivering programs and support materials and engaging in advocacy work with the government.

Office volunteers play a vital role in the day-to-day support of community office teams. Volunteers often work on a regular basis and provide assistance with data entry, filing, photocopying and posting mail. Additional tasks can include processing donations, preparing receipts, greeting the public, answering phones, providing information and pitching in with events and projects.

In Saskatchewan, when you are part of our casual volunteer force, you may or may not be working at a Society office. We have many flexible volunteer opportunities in your community.

  • What you might enjoy as part of our casual volunteer force

    You could be delivering posters, setting up a display or working from home. You may also be part of an employee volunteer group in your own workplace, spending time during your coffee breaks helping to organize materials that we have delivered to you.

    If you live in Regina, you could even be weeding either the garden in front of the office or the Cancer Survivor Garden at the Pasqua Hospital, which the Society helped to put in place using alternatives to pesticides. Of course, you’ll practice SunSense when doing so!

    You may live in a community outside where the Society office is located and still want to help out on a casual basis, but you’d prefer not travel to another community to do so. We have many opportunities to act as the community champion for a variety of Society initiatives, including prevention and advocacy campaigns, educational presentations, and of course, fundraising campaigns.

    You could be stuffing, sorting, lifting, delivering, counting or assembling. While what you may be doing may not quite fit into the normal definition of an “office volunteer” it is no less important and no less appreciated.

    Flexible hours, days and months
    We have a definite variety in the times we have available for you to volunteer – casual volunteer jobs do not happen on a regular weekly or monthly basis.

    Sometimes we have weeks of notice for a casual volunteer opportunity, and sometimes you might get an email asking if you are available later that day. It all depends on the types of things you might be interested in and your availability.

    Many of our casual volunteer opportunities occur during our busiest fundraising months – from the organizing of daffodil sales to the close of the last Relay For Life before summer begins. Then, in most areas of the province, casual volunteer opportunities are relatively quiet until it is daffodil time again.

Join our casual volunteer force today!



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