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Use your cancer experience to help others

Peer Match Program know what it’s like to live with cancer because they are cancer survivors or were caregivers to someone with cancer. Through the Peer Match Program, our nationwide telephone support program, peer support volunteers offer encouragement, compassion and practical support – from diagnosis, throughout treatment and beyond – to the person living with cancer and their family.

The Society also offers adult support groups in many communities across Canada. The types of groups available in each area may vary. Some groups are specific to one type of cancer, while others may offer general support for people living with cancer.

Peer support volunteers are matched based on factors such as type of cancer, sex, treatment, side effects, relationship to the person who is diagnosed, age and family situation. All volunteers receive extensive training and ongoing support.

Support Group Facilitator

If you are a cancer survivor and would like to offer support to others who face similar cancer experiences the Canadian Cancer Society – NL division has a support group facilitator training program designed to assist volunteers who want to become involved in facilitating a cancer support group.

For information about how you can become a cancer support group facilitator or to get a listing of support groups in your area, contact our provincial office at 753-6520 or 1 888 753-6520 or complete a printable Volunteer Information Form (PDF).



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Investing to reduce cancer burden

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Last year CCS funded $40 million in cancer research, thanks to our donors. Discover how you can help reduce the burden of cancer.

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