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Help with fundraising events and campaigns

You can use your time and knowledge to volunteer for activities that will help fund research on all types of cancer and enhance the quality of life of people living with cancer.

  • Volunteering at events and campaigns

    If you’re looking for a one-time or short-term role, we invite you to volunteer for a few hours at one of the Society’s fundraising events or campaigns.

    Community events, such as Relay For Life involve a number of hands-on tasks such as setting up supplies for the event, welcoming participants and guests, processing donations, working in the food area, helping with on-site activities, promoting Society messages and cleaning up after a great event –just to name a few!

    Our annual Daffodil Month campaign focuses on raising awareness and funds in support of the fight against cancers. Each April, we invite volunteers from across the country to show their support by selling daffodil pins in their community. The highlight of the campaign is Daffodil Day, which offers an opportunity to bring attention to our mission in communities across Canada. Fundraising activities for Daffodil Month and Daffodil Day vary across the country.

  • Organizing events and campaigns

    If you are organized, can facilitate meetings and enjoy working as part of a team, help organize a Society fundraising event or campaign. Your commitment may last several weeks or months, and your time may vary from a couple of hours each month to several hours leading up to an event.

    Volunteer to plan, promote and organize a Society event, engaging with the public and your own networks and encouraging them to get involved. Committee roles may involve recruiting event volunteers and participants, marketing the event, coordinating logistics on the day of the event, sourcing supplies, communicating with sponsors and more.

    Getting involved as an event leadership volunteer is a great way for you to have fun, build community spirit and raise money to fight cancer. Find events in your community by checking the events calendar.

There are many opportunities to volunteer with our fundraising events in Saskatchewan. The time involved ranges from an hour or two once in a while to a bigger commitment that could last for a year or more.

Whether you have moments or a lifetime of moments to offer we would be incredibly honoured to have you on our team!

To see how you can get involved, or simply complete our volunteer interest and availability form, and someone will get in touch with you to discuss the opportunities that might be right for you. 

Apply now!



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