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Issues you can act on

Our advocacy campaigns cover many issues vital to cancer patients and their families – from preventing cancer, to accessing high-quality treatment, to improving palliative care, to more support for family caregivers.

We’ve won many battles, but there’s still a way to go. And our campaigns are most successful when you get involved! We need your help to improve the lives of those living with and beyond cancer.

  • Advocate at the provincial level

    Saskatchewan is the first province in Canada to set up an on-line registry for reporting asbestos in public buildings; however there are no legal requirements for schools, health care facilities, and other public places to submit a list of their buildings to that registry. Several organizations are advocating for a change to The Public Health Amendment Act to make reporting asbestos mandatory through an electronic registry accessible to the public.

    Get involved by signing our online petition.

    Read more about this issue and our advocacy efforts. Help us by contacting your MLA and telling them about your concerns.

    Indoor tanning
    In Saskatchewan in 2009, there were 165 cases of melanoma, the most serious kind of skin cancer, and 2,961cases of non-melanoma skin cancers. There were 25 deaths in Saskatchewan due to melanoma in 2009.

    Get involved by signing our online petition or writing your own letter to your local MLA or the Minister of Health in support of a ban on indoor tanning for youth under the age of 18. Vote for health by taking action at a local and provincial level; find out what you can do by visiting

  • Advocate at the municipal level, right in your community

    Pesticides for cosmetic purposes / community right to know
    Using pesticides for cosmetic purposes (to make your lawn and gardens green) has no health benefits and can cause harm. Pesticide applications can drift, runoff and mix with the air, soil or surrounding bodies of water. Pesticides collect on plants and objects that adults and children come into contact with.
    Help the Canadian Cancer Society and the Saskatchewan Environmental Society fight for life by choosing to not use pesticides on your lawns and gardens where there are safer alternatives. Read about pesticide free success stories.

    Help us advocate for a local bylaw that would protect residents in your community from exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. Visit our website to get started.

    Learn how the Canadian Cancer Society in Saskatchewan used the recent municipal election to poll candidates on their support for banning pesticides for cosmetic purposes.

    Community right to know
    The Canadian Cancer Society believes you have the right to know if you’re being exposed to cancer-causing substances in your home, your workplace and in your community.

    We’re also committed to learning more about these risk presented by these substances through research.

    Pesticides used for cosmetic purposes is a prime example where residents should have the right to know what they are being exposed to. Learn more about your right to know what is being used in your community.



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