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What you can do

Changing public policy is one of the most effective tools for preventing cancer and helping those living with and beyond cancer. The best way to change public policy is for Canadians to speak up and make our collective voices heard.

There are lots of ways you can advocate, no matter how much time you have to give.

  • Sign a petition

    Sign a petition by visiting our Take Action website.

  • Tweet about healthy public policies

    Contribute and follow what others are discussing in the twitterverse. These hashtags are commonly used for tweeting about Canadian Cancer Society topics:

    • #cdnpoli – Canadian federal politics

    • #cdnhealth – Canadian health

    Feel free to mention @cancersociety too. 

  • Contact your legislator

    Write a letter or make a phone call to your federal, provincial or municipal elected official. They want your vote, so let them know what they need to do to get it. Consider doing the same to your local newspaper – let them know how passionate you are!

    Tips for contacting your legislator -

    When writing your letter or email, or making a phone call, consider these tips to make your effort as effective as possible:

    • Keep your message brief and be clear about what you want your elected official to do.
    • Write or speak from the heart – it’s important for politicians to know that your vote depends on this issue.
    • Follow up later as a reminder that this issue is important to you.
    • You can also ask for an appointment to see your MP or local elected representative in person.
    • It’s also effective if you call your MP’s office to express your concerns.

    Contacting the federal government -

    If you’re not sure who your member of Parliament (MP) is, you can find out by entering your postal code on this web page.

    If you write to your MP at their parliamentary address, no postage is required. Do this by addressing your letter to:

    [Name of MP]

    House of Commons

    Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6

    Postage is required if you write to your MP at their local constituency office.

  • Become a CCS advocacy volunteer

    Consider becoming a Canadian Cancer Society volunteer and work with our advocacy teams to make a difference in your community, your province or across the country.



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