"Cancer does not discriminate. Why should the treatment?"
- Ontario resident

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Take action to fund take-home cancer drugs

It is estimated that 2 out of 5 Canadians are expected to develop cancer in their lifetime.

Cancer patients should not face delays or financial barriers in accessing their treatments. Unfortunately, in Nova Scotia, many patients and their families face these obstacles when it comes to take-home cancer medications.

Tell your MLA that Nova Scotia needs a program to cover the cost of all eligible take-home cancer drugs!

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  • Accessing take-home cancer drugs

    In the past, most cancer medications were administered by intravenous (IV) in the hospital and covered by the government. Today, many cancer medications are now taken at home. In fact, it is estimated that more than 50% of new cancer drugs are formulated for in-home administration. There are several advantages to this, including less travel for patients and ease of administration; however, patients often encounter obstacles in accessing these medications.

    In Nova Scotia, take-home cancer drugs are not publicly-funded through the same programs as medications delivered in hospital. Coverage comes from a mix of private insurance (which often has co-payments or limits), out-of-pocket costs, or provincial programs for certain groups.

    Multiple programs may be required by a single cancer patient to cover the cost of their treatment. This process of obtaining authorization and reimbursement of approved cancer medications can be time-consuming, exhausting and overwhelming. Unfortunately, it can also delay or prevent patients from accessing cancer medications. The Canadian Cancer Society believes that all Canadians should have access to cancer drug treatments without financial hardship regardless of where they live. Coping with a cancer diagnosis and undergoing treatment is difficult enough; patients and their families should not have to deal with the additional stress of having to determine how they will fund their drugs.

    Learn more and tell your MLA that we need action to fund take-home cancer drugs!

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  • Canadian landscape of cancer drugs

    Similar to the Atlantic provinces, Ontario has different systems for intravenous and take-home cancer medications. Funding of take-home cancer medications is covered through a mix of private insurance, special programs or out-of-pocket expenses. In Quebec, the public plan provides coverage for eligible take-home cancer medications (individuals may be required to pay a deductible based on income).

    It is a different situation in the Western provinces. In Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia, patients can get their cancer medications covered through government funded programs regardless of whether they are taken in a hospital or at home. The funding system is the same for intravenous and take-home cancer medications.

    Learn more and tell your MLA that we need action to fund take-home cancer drugs!

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  • Take Action

    The Society is recommending the Government of Nova Scotia develop a provincial program that provides coverage for all eligible cancer drugs taken at home.

    Sign to challenge your MLA to support this issue!

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