We know the toll this pandemic has taken on Canadians and their families – and for people living with cancer, the need for our support has never been greater.

People with cancer are among the most vulnerable in our communities right now and at greater risk of more serious outcomes from COVID-19. Their care and well-being is our highest priority; we want to support them and minimize the impact and duration of the pandemic.

Please donate today to support Canadians affected by cancer during COVID-19.

Living with cancer today brings added anxiety. While the diagnosis and treatment journey can bring overwhelming challenges at the best of times, today’s environment of unprecedented stress and uncertainty adds to the burden. CCS is helping to ease the strain so that people with cancer can find support, comfort, compassion and care – and you can help.


Only CCS has a nation-wide support system that makes a real difference for people affected by cancer. Now more than ever our helpline and online support programs are critical to the people we serve, providing information, reducing anxiety and limiting isolation:

Your donation today will help Canadians affected by cancer find the support system they need:


Our cancer information helpline is open to answer questions about cancer and provide support.

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Online and phone-based peer support programs, including CancerConnection.ca, help connect people with cancer with others on a similar journey, reducing isolation.


Trusted health information on cancer.ca, including live online chat, is helping people better manage life with cancer in the context of COVID-19.

We need your support – now more than ever – to help Canadians affected by cancer.

Together we can ensure people who are living with cancer and who are the most vulnerable to COVID-19 get the answers and support they need to reduce anxiety, isolation, and help them cope.

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