COVID-19 has affected us all, changing our world in unprecedented ways.

But for people across Canada living with cancer, the virus means they are among the most vulnerable in our communities since they may have compromised immune systems that could put them at a greater risk of more serious outcomes if they contract COVID-19. Their care and well-being is our highest priority; we want to support them and minimize the impact of the pandemic.

Please donate today to support Canadians affected by cancer during COVID-19.

Your support will help fund groundbreaking research – like the world’s first clinical trial to test a treatment that has the potential to boost the immune system in people with cancer, which could help reduce the threat of COVID-19.


This clinical trial holds life-changing potential – it could be the glimmer of hope that people affected by cancer need right now. But we need your support. Please help by making a donation to support this clinical trial and other important research.

Why is this clinical trial so promising?

Your donation will also offer care and compassion to people with cancer. Only CCS has a nation-wide support system that makes a real difference for people affected by cancer. Now more than ever our online and phone support programs are critical to the people we serve, providing information, reducing anxiety and limiting isolation:


Our Cancer Information Service is a toll-free helpline to answer questions about cancer including where to get help in your community, emotional support services and information on how to cope with cancer.

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Online and phone-based peer support programs including CancerConnection.ca give those with cancer, and their caregivers, a place where they can share their experiences and build supportive relationships.


CCS lodges offer a safe and comfortable place to stay for those who must travel for their life-saving cancer treatments and have been updated to protect the health of guests during COVID-19.


Trusted, easy to understand health information, as well as a searchable database of community services, are available on cancer.ca.

Please donate now and together, we can make a real difference for people affected by cancer during the COVID-19 outbreak and beyond.

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