Childhood cancer is the number one cause of disease-related death in Canadian children.  

We believe that one child with cancer is too many. Donate today and double your impact so fewer children will have to face cancer.

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Your gift is helping to create a lasting change in the health of young cancer patients, like Sabrina.

A teenaged girl sitting on her bed.
I was in total shock when I heard the diagnosis of cancer. Cancer to me was an adult’s disease. Being a 13-year-old teenager, it certainly wasn’t even on my radar.

After surgery and four rounds of chemotherapy, Sabrina is now cancer-free.

Canadian Cancer Society funded researchers explore new ways to detect, diagnose and treat childhood cancers, as well as reduce the long-term side effects faced by survivors as a result of their treatments.

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Dr David Hodgson received funding from the Canadian Cancer Society, thanks to donors like you, to find new ways to prevent and manage secondary cancers in childhood cancer survivors.

It’s important to recognize the challenges faced by childhood cancer survivors, including the impact of treatments on their long-term health and quality of life. Funding this type of research is necessary to help survivors live a longer, healthier life.

In addition to investing heavily in Canada’s best childhood cancer research, we also provide families with support and information services so they do not have to face cancer alone.

With almost 950 children under 15 diagnosed with cancer in Canada every year, your support has never been more important.

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