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Volunteer for our Daffodil Campaign

This spring, volunteer for the Canadian Cancer Society Daffodil Campaign in your community. With the passion and support of our volunteers, no other cancer charity does what we do. We fund game-changing research into more than 100 types of cancer. We are proud to offer compassionate programs and support services – like our coast-to-coast, cancer information helpline – so no one has to face cancer alone. And we advocate to make healthy living a possibility for everyone.

For the nearly 1 in 2 Canadians expected to be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, we’re here to help. Volunteer and be a part of our collective that continues to change lives for the better. Together, we prove that life is bigger than cancer.

Find local volunteer opportunities

Every year, volunteers bring a message of hope and support to communities across BC during our Daffodil Campaign. You can canvass your neighborhood, help with pin distribution, help us get the word out in your community, or apply your knowledge to a specialized project.

Explore your potential by checking out the positions we have available at or contact your local Volunteer Engagement team to find out how you can help. If you have a couple hours to give or if you are looking to dedicate more time, we can get you set up to make a difference!

  • Door to Door Daffodil Campaign

    How to Create An Online Fundraising Page

    How to create an online fundraising page- New Users
    How to create an online fundraising page- Returning Users

    Long Time Daffodil Volunteers share their stories

    “When I do my street - I tell them I’m a neighbour, perhaps they remember me from last year, and I keep it short”

    “My wife and I started 8 years ago, each year we have to take more time canvassing our street, as people pull us into their homes, and we sit and have a chat. We credit volunteering for the Canadian Cancer Society for knowing everyone on our street.”

    “I bring my canvasser kit to my Book Club/ Legion/ Poker game.”

    “We invite everyone on our street to our home for an evening of fun, and everyone pulls out their checkbook before they leave. We don’t even ask anymore.”

    “I started sending out emails using the online Cancer Fighter page. I loved that once I sent “Send” I was all done! The website sends the receipts, the thank you, and I’ve done my bit.”

    “I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I borrowed a wig, was driven to an appointment by a driver, and called the 1-800 line for information. It’s a way for me to give back.”

    How to donate on credit card for Door to Door Daffodil Campaign

    Credit cards can be accepted in 3 different ways:

    For security purposes credit card donations (VISA, MasterCard or American Express) must be processed at a CCS office. DO NOT issue a tax receipt for credit card donations. Tell the donor that a receipt will be issued and mailed by the CCS office.

    • Via the leave behind letter and donation form – donors can fill out and mail this form in themselves.

    • Donations can be made at:

      It’s fast, easy and secure. Canvassers can access this site on their own device or on a donor’s device. The website looks like this:

    • Call the CCS Donor Care team (between 8 am – 8 pm EST) at 1-800-268-8874.

    Zone Captain Training

    Zone Captain Training Guide


Woman at market in front of CCS poster This truly is a life-saving program, and we are so grateful to Husky Energy for making it happen.

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