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Fundraise during the Daffodil Campaign

As COVID-19 continues to impact communities across the country, for the first time ever, we are suspending all face-to-face fundraising activities to protect the health of Canadians. We are encouraging supporters to come together with us in an unprecedented way this Daffodil Campaign and continue to make a difference through online fundraising.

Your support matters – now more than ever given this time of increased health concern when people may be staying closer to home or dealing with feelings of anxiety or isolation. We continue to provide support for caregivers and people with cancer that can help them find community and connection. Our programs play an important role in helping people better manage cancer and build wellness and resilience in the comfort of their homes. Join us in our efforts to continue to be there for Canadians when they need us.

A mother and her son using a laptop together. Create an online fundraiser

When you fundraise, hope takes root. Organize an online fundraiser and inspire your family and friends to donate in support of Canadians affected by cancer. We have all the resources and tools to help you make a difference.

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 A teen girl using a laptop. style= Start a Facebook fundraiser

A Facebook fundraiser is a simple and meaningful way to rally your Facebook friends behind the cancer cause. Use our step-by-step guide to create a successful Facebook fundraiser!

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Researcher Dr John Bell Fighting cancer with designer viruses

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Great progress has been made

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Some cancers, such as thyroid and testicular, have survival rates of over 90%. Other cancers, such as pancreatic, brain and esophageal, continue to have very low survival rates.

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