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Since the 1950s, bright yellow daffodils have arrived in communities across Canada to mark the beginning of the Canadian Cancer Society Daffodil Campaign.

The daffodil is resilient. It survives our harsh winters and is the first flower to bloom in the spring – a time of renewal and hope. The daffodil is a symbol of strength, courage and life. During our annual Daffodil Campaign, Canadians rally around this symbol and take action to help fund game-changing research and support services – like our coast-to-coast, cancer information helpline – so no one has to face cancer alone.

Funds raised through the sale of daffodil pins and flowers will help change lives for the better. Show your support because together, we can prove that life is bigger than cancer.

Spring has marked the start of the Daffodil Campaign in communities across the country since the 1950s. The daffodil is still a symbol of hope and, above all, strength and courage for women and men living with cancer.

Proceeds from the sale of flowers are used to support people living cancer and their families and to help fund life-saving research, as well as information and support services.

Buy daffodils: show that life is bigger than cancer

Point of sale opening hours and days may vary depending on the volunteers’ availability in different locations. Thank you for your understanding.

A sister, a son, a friend, a colleague … We all know someone living with cancer. From April 4-7, 2019, the Canadian Cancer Society will sell 2 million fresh daffodils, a symbol of hope and solidarity across Quebec.

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