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Cooking for Life

The Canadian Cancer Society is partnering with the Restaurant Association of Newfoundland and Labrador, the Chefs Association and T C Media to introduce Cooking for Life, a nutrition-focused cooking program for cancer patients and caregivers, held at Daffodil Place. Healthy eating is an essential ingredient in reducing the risk of cancer and enhancing the quality of life for people living with the disease.

Local chefs will volunteer onsite at Daffodil Place once a month to educate patients and caregivers on preparing healthy meals and the importance of eating well. The program will operate from Daffodil Place, a 24 room facility operated by the Canadian Cancer Society, Newfoundland and Labrador Division for cancer patients travelling to St. John’s for treatment. Matthew Piercey, Executive Director of the Canadian Cancer Society says that the Society is pleased to offer this new program and is very grateful to our partners for making this possible. “A healthy diet is essential in the prevention of and the fight against cancer. We really want to thank the Restaurant Association, the Chefs Association and TC Media for coming on board as partners to make this important program possible”.

Roary MacPherson, Executive Chef at the Sheraton Hotel says that the Chefs Association is proud to be a partner in this program. “Cancer knows no boundaries and affects us all in some way” says MacPherson. “Daffodil Place is a haven for those who have to come to St. John’s for cancer treatments. The Chefs Association is delighted to be part of this important educational initiative”.

The valuable nutritional knowledge and cooking skills participants gain in “Cooking for Life” can be shared with family, friends and community members once patients return home following treatment. Nancy Brace, Executive Director of the Restaurant Association of Newfoundland and Labrador says that her association has been working very hard to get the message out that our locally grown produce and caught whole food is varied and good for you. “I cannot think of a better way to drive that message home than through this partnership with Daffodil Place. We are taking whole foods and teaching people to treat their bodies well and how to cook delicious meals” says Brace.

The program will also reach kitchens across the province through a “Cooking for Life” column in all TC Media newspapers. Recipes used in the program and nutrition tips will be featured each month. Leo Gosse, Reader Sales and Marketing Manager with TC Media says that his company is pleased to partner with the Canadian Cancer Society on this worthwhile program. “TC Media recognizes the importance of prevention and heightening awareness of healthy eating and we are happy to do our part in getting this vital message out” says Gosse. 

“Cooking for Life” participants will soon have an onsite source of fresh, healthy ingredients at Daffodil Place’s new “Healing Garden”. In addition to walkways, sitting areas and other outdoor features, the Garden will feature a “Community Vegetable Garden”, where guests can help cultivate and cook nutrient-rich vegetables as part of their healthy eating regime.

The Canadian Cancer Society encourages Canadians to choose healthy lifestyles so that fewer Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer. In spearheading initiatives such as “Cooking for Life” and the “Healing Garden” at Daffodil Place, the Society hopes to influence patients, caregivers and individuals province-wide to choose a healthy diet.

For more information, contact:

Al Pelley
Director of Revenue Development and Communications
Canadian Cancer Society – Newfoundland and Labrador Division



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