Self-Care Support Programs


November 9, 2019 - October 31, 2020

Self-Care Support Programs

220 Water Street

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

C1A 9M5

in partnership with Wellspring Cancer Canada

Expanding our support system in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island

At the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS), we know that cancer can change a lot of things. But we also know that life is more than a diagnosis. That’s why
we’re here to help and support people affected by cancer to live their lives more fully. We believe life is bigger than cancer.
Together with our partners (including Wellspring Cancer Canada), we are providing self-care support programs across several communities, focused
on wellness, recovery, and resilience. 

These programs can:
■ Provide you with information on any cancer topic
■ Connect you with someone to talk to – someone who’s been there
■ Guide your understanding of the best nutrition for your recovery
■ Help you manage the fear, anxiety or emotional challenges cancer can cause
■ Support you in managing the side effects of treatment, such as brain fog
■ Ease the transition back to work, if you choose to return
■ Help you alleviate the financial pressures cancer can cause

Programs are free and do not require a referral. Various start dates for the different programs being offered. To register or learn more about the programs connect with us with the different options below!

For more information:

Email us at 

Call the CCS Sobey Cancer
Support Centre at 902-423-6183

Call our toll-free helpline at