Great Ride 'n' Stride Woolwich


Woolwich Memorial Centre

24 Snyder Ave S

Elmira, Ontario

N3B 2Z6


In order to put the well-being and safety of people affected by cancer, our clients, event participants, supporters, volunteers and staff first, we are cancelling Great Ride n Stride in Woolwich. If you are involved in or have registered for Great Ride n Stride in Woolwich, you will receive information from us about next steps.

There is no doubt this is an unfortunate situation as Great Ride n Stride in Woolwich is not only a much-anticipated event but also a meaningful way for people to show their support for the cancer cause.

In spite of Great Ride n Stride in Woolwich not taking place for now, we are encouraging you to please continue to show your support. Please make a donation online today and support our critically needed activities. Thank you.

For more information on Great Ride n Stride in Woolwich, please contact Susan Taylor

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