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These infographics were developed as part of the release of Canadian Cancer Statistics 2019.

the outline of a person with simplified red blood vessels inside. The drawing is tagged with the 3 main types of blood cancer: Lymphoma, Multiple Myeloma and Leukemia.
a simple line graph showing the increasing survival of people with blood cancer over the time between 1992-1994 and 2012-2014.
line drawing of a woman showing the simplified outline of the breasts. Image caption: the death rate is down 48% since it peaked in 1986.
outline of a person with a dashed line coming from the stomach-area. The dashed line leads to an inset drawing of a pancreas.
2 circle graphs showing change between the 1980s and Today (2012-2014). The 1980s chart shows a 71% 5-year survival rate and the Today chart shows 84% 5-year survival rate. Below the charts, the outline of person with a supportive arm around the smaller person.
the number $65.7 million is in the centre of a circle of icons meant to represent blood cancer research: a blood droplet, a DNA strand, pills and a microscope.
outline of a woman containing simplified lung shapes in blue
a circular shape containing the outline of 2 people side by side. The taller person's hand is resting on the shorter person's shoulder.