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Dr David Huntsman

William E. Rawls Prize recipient in 2012

Dr David Huntsman Dr David Huntsman is a leader in the field of genetic abnormalities. His notable contributions to the genetics of familial gastric cancers and ovarian cancer have changed the way these diseases are studied, diagnosed and managed.

Dr Huntsman’s research uses biomarkers to assist patients in making better decisions about their cancer risk and treatments. He has worked with families from across Canada to determine the genetic basis of their gastric cancer risk and how best to manage. He has led the British Columbian ovarian cancer research team since its inception and has produced a series of high impact publications that laid the foundation for subtype specific ovarian cancer research and care and described the defining mutations in several ovarian cancer subtypes. Dr Huntsman has been the catalyst behind major international consortia and collaborations and is known for his ability to bring teams together to work on large problems.

Dr Huntsman is a professor of pathology and laboratory medicine and obstetric and gynecology at The University of British Columbia and is the medical director of the Centre For Translational and Applied Genomics at the British Columbia Cancer Agency.

A highly productive scientist, he has co-authored over 100 papers in the past five years. In addition to his scientific successes, Dr Huntsman is generous with his time and is an outstanding teacher and mentor. His skills as a public speaker, both to scientific public audiences, make him a highly sought after presenter. Dr Huntsman has generously contributed his time to the scientific peer review community.



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