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Cancer Researcher Travel Grants

Due to fundraising shortfalls, the Canadian Cancer Society Saskatchewan Cancer Researcher Travel Grants program has been discontinued. Please visit the Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute page for other researcher funding opportunities."

The Canadian Cancer Society Saskatchewan Researcher Travel Grants are designed to help support Saskatchewan cancer researchers and build research capacity in the province. The program is open to eligible researchers, regardless of whether their work is funded by the Canadian Cancer Society or another funding body. The program offers maximum funding of $1,500 per researcher per year, and can be used to supplement travel funding from other sources.

Conferences must be related to cancer research or focus on methods and knowledge that will be useful for existing or potential cancer research in Saskatchewan.

Because the program is funded by individual donations to the Canadian Cancer Society, total funds are limited. However, the Society's intent is to fund as many travel grants as possible within the allocated budget each year.

Please note: these terms and conditions were updated in May 2014.

Terms and Conditions
  • Only those applicants who are, in the opinion of the Canadian Cancer Society, Saskatchewan division, bona fide cancer researchers with a current affiliation to an established cancer research organization and who currently reside in Saskatchewan are eligible to receive funding. Undergrad students are not eligible for this program.
  • Applicants other than established principal cancer researchers already known to the Canadian Cancer Society must provide references from a recognized cancer researcher in Saskatchewan. In the case of Master’s students, applicants must provide the name of their supervisor or thesis advisor as a reference, or a confirmation of active status from the Department, Faculty or College of Graduate Studies from the university.
  • Funding will only be considered for those conferences which, in the opinion of the Canadian Cancer Society, Saskatchewan division, have a solid connection to cancer research or are focused on methods or knowledge that will be useful for existing or potential cancer research in Saskatchewan.
  • Applications will only be considered for attendance at conferences taking place in Canada or the United States, or for conferences in other countries where the applicant has been accepted to present a paper or poster. Proof of such acceptance must be provided in the form of a listing on an official conference web page or a copy of a letter of acceptance from the conference organizers.
  • The maximum funding available to any one individual researcher is $1,500 per calendar year, or a lesser amount representing the difference between the estimated total costs of attending the conference minus any funding anticipated from the researcher's employer or another funding body.
  • Applicants agree that the Canadian Cancer Society may include their name, their employment or research affiliation, their home city and a brief description of how the conference will benefit their work on Society materials, websites or publicity events.
  • Within 30-days of attending the conference, applicants agree to provide the Canadian Cancer Society with a 300-word report on their participation in the  conference that could be added to the information above.
  • Applications will be reviewed in the order they are received and successful applications will be funded until budgeted funds are exhausted. The Society’s fiscal year runs from February 1 to January 3, so applications received immediately after February 1 are most likely to receive funding.
  • It may take 10-15 days to process applications and notify applicants regarding the outcome of each application. Please ensure that you apply with enough lead time in advance of your conference. A minimum of 6 weeks lead time is recommended.
  • Applications submitted after the conference has taken place are not eligible for funding.
  • Applications may be made only using the online application form. Use of the online application system entails agreement with the corresponding privacy policy.
  • Travel grant recipients do not need to provide receipts for expenses incurred, but agree to retain copies of receipts until April 30 of the following year and provide them if requested by or on behalf of the Society’s auditors.
  • Applicants who have received any form of funding from the tobacco industry are not eligible to receive a travel grant.
  • The Society reserves the right to modify the terms or cancel this program at any time.


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