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Yolande James

Yolande James is a political commentator for various CBC-Radio Canada programs and a lawyer-mediator. She also gives frequent public talks on various topics such as immigration, diversity and gender equality in society and in politics.

Yolande was elected to the Quebec National Assembly in 2004. She was the first Black female Member of the National Assembly, as well as Quebec’s first Black Cabinet Minister.

In 2007, Yolande was appointed QC’s Minister of Immigration and Cultural Communities. In 2010, she was appointed Minister of Families. During her tenure, she overhauled the governance for subsidized daycare, a service that is critically important to working families. She was also Deputy House Leader for the Official Opposition from 2012 to 2013.

Yolande founded the Valorisation Jeunesse Program which offers young people access to professional job opportunities and ensures companies have a more diverse workforce.

Yolande has a degree in Civil Law from the University of Montreal and a degree in Common Law from Queen’s University.



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