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Susan McPeak

Susan McPeak is co-founder of the McPeak-Sirois Group for Clinical Research in Breast Cancer, a unique private initiative bringing together public health institutions. Today it is one of the most important breast cancer clinical research consortiums in Canada.

Susan is a breast cancer survivor who participated in a life-saving clinical trial. Capitalizing on her 10+ years of experience in key management positions in marketing and business development, she decided to get involved in making clinical research more accessible in Quebec.

In 2019, Susan was recognized for her contributions to breast cancer research by the Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer (IRIC) at the University of Montreal. The same year, she was named Personality of the Week by La Presse +. In 2018, she received the Prix Innovation dans la communauté from the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation.

Susan has an MA in German Literature from the University of Montreal.



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