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The Canadian Cancer Society’s national office and each of its provincial offices are accountable to a volunteer board of directors. The board’s responsibilities include governance, leadership, public accountability, establishing the Society’s nation-wide and provincial priorities and acting as a trustee on behalf of Canadians.

  • Board of Directors

    Robert Lawrie (Chair)
    Toronto, ON

    Bretta Maloff
    Calgary, AB

    Rob Assimakopoulos
    Toronto, ON

    Christine McCourt-Reid
    Edmonton, AB
    Dr Robert Bell
    Toronto, ON

    Nancy McKay
    Fredericton, NB

    John Boynton
    Toronto, ON

    James Moore
    Port Moody, BC

    Philippe Couillard
    Saint-Félicien, QC

    Bruce Rothney
    Toronto, ON
    Dr. Chen Fong Valerie Steele
    Toronto, ON
    Chan Hon Goh 
    West Vancouver, BC 
    Christopher Wein
    Toronto, ON
    Dr David Huntsman
    Vancouver, BC
    Dr Michael Woods
    St. John's, NL
    Shachi Kurl
    Vancouver, BC
    David Woollcombe
    Toronto, ON
  • A message from the Chair of our Board of Directors
    Robert Lawrie

    Last year the Canadian Cancer Society again improved its financial efficiency. We will announce our third consecutive surplus, while maintaining our level of research investment (~$40 million a year) and other mission support – education, lodges, rides to treatment, wig and prosthesis loans, support and government advocacy. Nearly 1 in 2 Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. We now know 40% of cancers are preventable, so we are launching a new initiative investing in research to discover and inform Canadians about living healthier lifestyles and we are advocating for government participation. And for those who are diagnosed, the Society will continue to provide support to make their journey less hard.

    We also achieved two new strategic initiatives:

    • amalgamation with Prostate Cancer Canada, continuing our commitment to consolidate the sector to reduce expense and to dedicate more donor dollars to mission, all to help bring us closer to realizing our vision of a world where no Canadian fears cancer; and
    • CDL Cancer from our soon-to-be-opened new Centre for Cancer Prevention and Support in Vancouver. It will be the first venture incubator- accelerator discovering and supporting early-stage science and technology startup ventures focusing on cancer prevention and support and accelerating early-stage ventures’ commercialization in Canada and beyond.

    On behalf of the Board of Directors, thank you to our new CEO, Andrea Seale, and our staff; to our donors and volunteers, our work simply would not happen without your support; and to researchers and clinical professionals, you are on the front line giving us strength as you make discoveries and bring comfort as you offer compassionate care. None of this progress would be possible without all of you. Together, we are all a force-for-life in the face of cancer.

    Robert Lawrie

  • Executive Leadership Team

    Andrea Seale
    Chief Executive Officer

    Michael Mazza
    Executive Vice President, Leadership Giving

    Sara Oates
    Executive Vice-President, Finance and Operations

    Jonathan Oldman
    Executive Director, British Columbia and Yukon

    Jeff Cornett
    Executive Director, Ontario

    Paula Roberts
    Executive Vice-President, Marketing and Communications

    Dr Stuart Edmonds
    Executive Vice President, Mission

    Debbie Singh
    Executive Vice-President, People and Culture

    Denis Lalonde
    Executive Director, Quebec

    Sandra Krueckl
    Vice President, Cancer Control, Chair of Mission

    Dan Holinda
    Regional Executive Director, Prairies

    Jane Parsons
    Regional Executive Director, Atlantic

    Contact a member of our senior leadership team at

  • Saskatchewan Advisory Board
    Lois Berry
    Saskatoon, SK

    Jeff Christiansen (Chair)
    Regina, SK

    Glynnis Eberts
    Moose Jaw, SK
    Eric Forbes
    Regina, SK
    Don Hansen (Past Chair)
    Regina, SK
    Dan Holinda (Regional Executive Director, Prairies)
    Calgary, AB
    Patti Pacholek
    Regina, SK
    Jill Clarke
    Regina, SK