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Our generous donors

The Canadian Cancer Society, Ontario Division is grateful for the generous support of our donors. We are pleased to recognize those who contributed $5,000 or more in 2017. From individuals and teams to organizations and foundations, the generosity of these key partners enables the Society to fund life-saving cancer research and provide those living with cancer the information and support that they need.

  • Employee Groups

    Flanagan Foodservice Inc.
    Hydro One
    Jones Packaging
    MacDonald & Partners LLP
    Novartis Oncology
    Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP

  • Foundations

    OTF Logo

    A.W.B. Charitable Foundation
    Aqueduct Foundation
    Chatham-Kent Community Foundation and South Kent Wind Community Fund
    Fleming Foundation
    John M. & Bernice Parrott Foundation Inc.
    Lawson Foundation 
    Lind Family Foundaton
    McKesson Foundation
    Mobile Giving Foundation Canada
    Otto & Marie Pick Charitable Foundation
    Pancreatic Cancer Canada Foundation
    Raymond James Canada Foundation
    Strategic Charitable Giving Foundation
    Takla Foundation
    The Etta I. Jackson Charitable Foundation
    The Janis Foligno Foundation
    The Wilf and Jean Bell Foundation
    The Westminster College Foundation
    William James Henderson Foundation

  • Individuals

    Dr Barry J Stearns, Optometrist
    Evelyn Tait
    Mildred Timmington
    Kevin Morris
    The Bates Family
    Daisy Leach

  • Legacy Gifts

    Abeda N. Calcuttawalla
    Adele M. Fetterly
    Adrian Conn
    Alan Spak
    Albert D. Dyer
    Alice E. LeWarne
    Alice L. MacDonald
    Ann C. Matyas
    Anicia 'Annie' Delos Santos Cardenas
    Anne H. Ames
    Arthur H. Tinker
    Audrey Y. Smith
    Barbara O. Balmer
    Barbara S. Jones
    Barbara Y. Eckardt
    Beatrice E. James
    Beatrice L. Morrow
    Beatrice W. Harrison
    Bernard W. Horner
    Beryl Bayne
    Betty G. Wallbank
    Betty M. Barr
    Beulah W. Dye
    Beverley G. MacMaster
    Beverley J. Nelson
    Blair R. Parsons
    Blanche B. Walters
    Camille Kentziger
    Charles E. Clark
    Charles Vasas
    Christiaan J. Jongerius
    Claude Morissette
    Clement J. Beninger
    Constance R. Newton
    Corinne M. Masterson
    Cornelia Westerbeek
    Cynthia M. Fraser-Powell
    David J. Hughes
    Denis Wood
    Donald A. Callum
    Donald J. McCartney
    Donald M. Sproule
    Donna M. Huff
    Doreen M. Butler
    Doreen N. Kozak
    Dorothy J. Baxter
    Dorothy K. O'Heron & Tim O'Heron Trust
    Edith B. Moffat
    Edward Kozystko
    Eleanor A. Phibbs
    Elizabeth Battram
    Elizabeth G. Gibson-Spiteri
    Elizabeth McCann
    Elmer W. Salter
    Emily Hall
    Emma E. Gittings
    Erika R. Strnad
    Ernest Humphries
    Ernest Underwood
    Ersen H. Cogulu
    Esther B. Curry
    Eugene W. Robertson
    Evangeline H. Beirnes
    Ferdinand N. Kantor
    Flora J. Weingarden
    Florence Bourbonnais
    Florence C. Kemish
    Frances Morris
    Francis A. Ouellette
    Frank Agro
    Frederick S. Morgan
    Fulvia Piticco
    George C. Ward
    George G. Shane
    George W. Procunier
    Gerald Barbarie
    Gertrude B. Terry
    Gertrude L. Moulton
    Gladys M. Male
    Gladys V. Armour
    Hans F. Ebert
    Helen B. Rayner
    Helen M. Davis
    Helen M. McKinna
    Helen R. O'Keefe
    Helen Richter
    Hendrik A. Wetering
    Henrietta M. Rayner
    Henrietta Micallef
    Henry A. Nickless
    Herbert J. Ritchie
    Hilda G. Nixon
    Hilda M. Puddicombe
    Irene A. Nairn
    Irene E. Reed
    James A. Puddy
    James L. Doan
    Janet B. Myles
    Jean M. Greenshields
    Joan B. Galloway
    Joan E. Little
    Joan S. Bouche
    Jo-Ann Tourangeau
    John A. Jarvis
    John B. Walker
    John C. Beer
    John H. Ter Horst
    John M. Wallace
    Jon R. Pearce
    Joseph P. Rosso
    Joseph Slater
    Josephine A. Boudreau
    Joyce L. Gibbard
    Kathleen E. Tough
    Kathleen M. Inglehart
    Kenneth R. Verrell
    Kenneth Smith
    Kenneth W. Patton
    Laura L. Brown
    Lawrence A. Dorey
    Leo E. Norgard
    Lieselotte Albrecht
    Lillian J. Gunn
    Lillias Sewell
    Lois M. Davis
    Lorna Haworth-Henry
    Lorraine J. Radford
    Louise V. White
    Lucille R. Parrish
    Malcolm Price
    Marcia L. Cooper
    Margaret E. Bertrand
    Margaret J. Chrysler
    Margaret J. Sherrill
    Margaret Legault
    Margaret M. Turner
    Margaret W. Neale
    Maria M. Demeulenaere
    Marian E. Corcoran
    Marie T. Mellon
    Marilyn J. Suringa
    Marion E. Jackson
    Marion E. Jamieson
    Marjorie E. Butler
    Marjorie O. Stockwell
    Mary E. Sedlak
    Mary F. Murphy
    Mary J. Nelson
    Mary K. Heipel
    Mary L. Mundy
    Mary Yarascavitch
    Maxwell R. Jackson
    Merle Y. Cleary
    Meta Topham
    Michael Peter
    Micheline Legault on behalf of Jean Paul Legault
    Milton S. Alley
    Muriel E. Urquhart
    Myra Resnick
    Nancy B. Stevens
    Norman Gorcey
    Norris Mizuno
    Olive E. Hobbs
    Orville M. Woolacott
    Paul L. Brennan
    Peter D. MacKercher
    Petrus F. Hoogeveen
    Phyllis J. Lewis
    Randall J. Lapensee
    Raymond R. Poort
    Rebecca I. Baujard
    Robert A. Lawrence
    Robert H. Cocks
    Robert J. Guest
    Robert S. Stipe
    Robert Snazelle
    Ronald T. Gibson
    Rose Switzer
    Rudi Gerhard Herman Lieder Trust
    Ruth I. Walker
    Ruth J. Livingston
    Samir Midha
    Sarah M. John
    Sharon M. Lapensee
    Shirley Hornick
    Shirley V. Inches
    Sophia McDowell
    Stephanie L. Kit
    Stephen A. Schafer
    Stephen C. Czuppon
    Stephen N. Muller
    Susan Devaney
    Thea Broering
    Thèrése M. Fauvelle
    Thomas A. Drummond
    Thomas I. Nightingale
    Thomas V. Wilson
    Verna E. Jagoe
    Veronica A. Kearney
    Victor W. Jones
    Violet J. Taylor
    Virginia Leschuk
    William G. Carrick
    William J. Rupert

  • Named Research Grants, Programs & Funds

    A Quality of Life Grant of the Canadian Cancer Society in memory of Edna Goebel
    A Quality of Life Grant of the Canadian Cancer Society in memory of Frank Tyrrell
    A Quality of Life Grant of the Canadian Cancer Society in memory of James Tyrrell
    The Brooke's Donkeys Innovation Grant of the Canadian Cancer Society
    The Haladner Memorial Foundation Research Fund in Memory of Gertrude Green
    The Nick Natale Innovation Grant of the Canadian Cancer Society
    The Pedal for Hope Impact Grant of the Canadian Cancer Society
    The WICC Ontario (Ottawa Region) Innovation Grant of the Canadian Cancer Society

  • Relay For Life Teams

    Abbey's Army
    AFIMAC Canada
    Agribrands Purina Canada Inc
    Bluesun’s Answer for Cancer
    Breast Friends
    Builder Bob's Minions
    Canadian Blood Services
    Cancer Cadets
    Cheers for a Cure
    Cocozzoli's Crusaders
    Community 4H Club
    Cure's R us
    Devereaux's Fighting Flames
    Diemer's Dreamers
    Donny's Walking Warriors
    Elmo's Angels
    Fernlea Flowers
    Firm Believers
    Forever Dreamers
    Friends Fighting 4 Friends
    Hope is Paramount 
    Mainstreet Hawaiian Tropics
    Mathew's Friends
    Melebrate Good Times
    Milton Firefighters
    Mowin' For Owen
    PIB/RWAM Red Hot Chilli Steppers
    Rescuing Lives
    Royal Sleep Walkers
    S&D Accounting
    Save 2nd Base
    St David's United Church
    St Francois Xavier
    St.Paul's Heavenly Walkers
    Starbucks Walk-A-Lattes
    Steering Committee 2016
    Teal Power
    Team Conquer For Brave Mateo
    Team FCT--Fighting Cancer Together
    The Resistance
    The Wild Things
    Theresa's Troops
    Unifor Local 200
    Walk of Love
    Walking on Funshine
    Water Walkers

  • Relay For Life Youth Teams

    Assumption College in Brantford
    St. John Catholic High School in Perth

  • Independent Fundraising Events

    Accell Roofing Inc.
    Breast Cancer Golf Tournament
    Brian Sippel Memorial Co-Ed Slo Pitch Tournament
    Cassie’s Lemonade Stand
    Chennette-Whitney Memorial Golf Tournament
    Colin Angus
    Comda The Calender People
    Conny MacIntyre Golf Tournament
    Cops for Cancer
    Daffodil Gala
    David Liddon--Spike Out Cancer
    Défi vélo/marche 2016
    D'Orazio Infrastructure Group
    Elora Horse & Hound
    Fighting Back 6
    Frank Fortino, Back to the Galaxy event
    Frank Kelly Memorial Golf Tournament
    Full Deck Riders
    GAL Canada Elevator Products
    GMP Securities L.P.
    Golf For A Cure
    Grog's Pub and Grill Golf Tournament
    James Villeneuve
    Jeffrey Gilburd
    John Mierins Group
    Kayaking for Cancer
    Keerthana Arulanandarajah
    Kitchener RV Show
    KW Charitable Golf Tournament
    Let's Body Check Cancer
    Let’s Can Cancer – Dave Elliott & Frank Koncan
    Little Black Dress
    Mike Boughton-Mens Golfing For Cancer 
    Mike Wilson's Haunted Backyard
    Milverton Fights Back
    Norwich Car Wash
    OHM Fashion Show
    Omer-Deslauriers Daffodil Gala "Coup de Coeur"
    Paul Murr Golf Tournament
    Peel Regional Police Association
    Pretty in Pink Cruise
    Quality Allied Elevator
    Randy Berdan
    Regional Municipality Of Peel - Employees
    Save the Ta Tas & Save the Junk – Linda Eckert
    Shorcan Brokers Limited
    Soup n Salad
    Spring Yard Cleanup for Cancer
    Steve Aubry
    Sunset Grill
    Team Mike - GRNS
    Team Sami - GRNS
    Terry Budd, Feast of the Fairway
    The Employment Solution
    The Oakville Blades
    Villanova Walkathon
    Westmount Collegiate Institute

To learn more about the progress these donors helped to achieve, please visit our 2015-16 Impact Report.



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