Here’s an overview of the tools that may be useful to you:

  • Personalize your page by changing your profile photo and telling your story. This will help you raise more funds.
  • Learn how to import your addresses and send emails from your participant centre to ask your loved ones for donations.
  • Your loved ones can’t find you on the Relay For Life website? Your fundraising is perhaps on private mode. No problem, you can easily switch to public mode.
  • The success of your fundraising depends on your pursuit of your goal. See how to display it and modify it as needed.
  • You have raised funds offline? See how you can add them to your participant centre and keep accounts up to date.
The advantage of online fundraising

Online fundraising has several advantages. It’s fast, easy and practical. Goodbye to filling out paper forms and rolling up coins. Goodbye to tax receipts mailed out weeks after a donation is made; now they’re sent immediately by email. And electronic receipts means lower administrative costs, which in turn means more money to fight against all cancers!