Raise $5,000 as a team and earn a chance to win one travel voucher worth $3,000

And if the Relay For Life gave you a chance to travel? Raise $5,000 or more as a team by August 1, 2017 and stand the chance of winning a Voyages Bergeron travel voucher worth $3,000*.

To reach or surpass this goal of $5,000, encourage all the members of your team to seek donations from the people they know: the little one’s kindergarten teacher, the soccer coach, the hairdresser, the neighbour…. You’ll be surprised to see how people are willing to support the cause. You only have to ask them. Discover other ideas to raise funds as a team here.

Keep in mind that the more funds you raise, the more difference you make in the fight against all cancers. We need you to continue saving more lives.

*The winner will be selected by a draw between team members aged 18 and above registered for the Relay For Life 2017 that have raised $5,000 or more. Contest rules available on relayforlife.ca/trip