Prevent more cancer, one morning at a time

Did you know that around 50% of cancer cases can be prevented by the adoption of healthy habits and the implementation of public policies? The money raised because of people like you contributes to making children aware of active transportation, a simple and fun way to engage in more physical activity every day. How does it work? The Trottibus Walking School Bus enables elementary school children to walk to school in the morning safely under supervision.

 “When we registered my son for the Trottibus Walking School Bus, I told myself: ‘we’ll try’. Because morning departures were not… smooth. I was half-hearted about it. But I was won over. Not only did the morning atmosphere at home improve, but we also enjoyed with other car ‘escapees’ a physical, mental and emotional break. Walking 15 minutes makes all the difference. Do you feel that you’re breathing in the morning? Now, I do,” says Jacinthe Beaulieu, mother of Frédéric and Clara.

In 2016 :

  • More than 2,000 children walked with the Trottibus Walking School Bus, including 40 per cent who didn’t walk to school before.
  • More than 30,000 children were made aware of active transportation in 16 regions in Quebec.
 Did you know that a donation of…

$40 > enables a person to have access to a cancer information specialist and obtain reliable information.

$10 per month for a year > helps fund two hours of clinical trials that may prevent several cancers with a genetic basis.