Are you prepared for the exciting journey of the Relay For Life? Let’s see what you must not forget.

Before going on a journey, you must make sure that you don’t forget anything: renew your passport, get vaccinated, pack… It’s a little bit the same with the Relay For Life. We must be well prepared if we want to benefit fully from it.

A good preparation starts with a proper management of the money raised. Fortunately, everything has been planned to make things easy for you. In fact, bank nights have been set aside by organizing committees so that you can deposit the money collected from registrations, fundraising and luminary sales.

To help you, here’s a list of things to do to be ready when the time comes:

  • Write the complete contact details of donors clearly and legibly so that tax receipts can be issued.
  • Use a separate donation form for credit card donations.
  • Ensure that cheques are made out to the Canadian Cancer Society.
  • Make sure that the team’s name as well as the Relay’s name are written on the front of the cheque.
    • Roll up coins or exchange them against bills at your financial institution before bank nights.
    • Ensure that the money collected tallies with the amounts entered on donation forms.
    • Hand in the duly completed forms and the money raised to the person in charge of deposits or your team captain before bank night. There will still be time after this evening for fundraising. Just make sure that you have extra forms handy to continue your fundraising.

If it’s important to get ready, it’s also as important to enjoy yourself! Don’t forget to have fun!