“Once the initial shock had passed, I had to face reality. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery and a string of things followed. I had treatments and appointments every day. It was very painful. Not just physically, but also psychologically and emotionally. I felt extremely distressed, but I didn’t talk about it. I told myself that I had to stay strong for those around me who were doing all they could so that I would get better.

I wasn’t able to tell them: It’s really bad and I’d like to end this pain now.

Then, one day, I phoned the Canadian Cancer Society’s Cancer Information Service. And there was someone at the other end of the line to listen to my story. I could finally share my big and deep secret. The secret of wanting to die. The empathy I got gave me the strength to continue. Without this call, I don’t think I’d still be here.

By participating in the Relay For Life, you really help the CCS save lives. Your impact is greater than you think.”

Nadège St-Philippe
In remission from colorectal cancer

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$75 > enables all Quebecers to have access to specialists who can answers questions on all types of cancer.

$100 > helps 1 person living with cancer participate in a support group offered in 55 cities across Quebec.