Losing your hair isn’t ordinary

A nice wig can make a huge difference in the lives of many women living with cancer. Thanks to the Canadian Cancer Society, they can find a wig in one of the 40 services centres across Quebec.

Prothese_Capillaire_SCCImagine: on top of battling with cancer, you can hardly recognize yourself in the mirror. After nausea and fatigue, hair loss can be an additional ordeal. It’s nothing ordinary: it changes how others look at us as well as how we look at ourselves. That’s why being able to obtain a flattering wig at a nominal cost can lighten the burden of the disease.

“I was really embarrassed when I lost my hair and I no longer dared to go out, except to go to the hospital,” says Jocelyne Hogue, who was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in September 2015. “Receiving a wig from the Canadian Cancer Society has taken a thousand pounds off my shoulders!” Francine Laporte, a 50-year old Laval resident with bone marrow cancer adds, “It was a great boost for my spirits to receive a wig that looked good on me. I could go out without letting my cancer show.”  

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The Canadian Cancer Society’s loan of wigs is offered in more than 40 service centres across the province. It enables people living with the disease to obtain, at a low cost, the wig of their choice from a vast stock of more than 4,000 different models. Because, often, a “simple wig” can make all the difference.

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