Limit alcohol

The fact is that drinking alcohol increases your risk of cancer. Some people choose to go dry, but others prefer to limit their intake to reduce their cancer risk. The Canadian Cancer Society recommends that women should drink less than one drink a day, and men should have less than two.

If you’re looking to cut back, get started by keeping track of your drinking habits. How much and how often are you drinking? Once you have determined some of your patterns, set reasonable goals. For example, decide not to drink when you’re alone or cut out that after work drink. If you are in a social situation, space your drinks about an hour apart and have a glass of water between each alcoholic beverage.

 If you’re looking for one more great reason to cut out alcohol, consider participating in DryFeb. Commit to being sober for the entire month of February, and collect pledges from friends and family in support of cancer patients and their families.