Community provides hope

11 September 2020

Liz Webb Liz Webb was no stranger to cancer, having seen both of her parents through their own cancer journeys. Yet, she was caught off guard when she received her diagnosis of bladder cancer.

“It was scary,” says Liz. “Before being diagnosed with it, I didn’t even know what bladder cancer was.”

Facing uncertainty about her diagnosis, Liz turned to CCS for help. While searching through our cancer.ca website, she discovered CancerConnection.ca, an online community you make possible with your support. Here, people living with all types of cancer can connect and build relationships with others who have been there.

In joining this community, Liz says she gained a sense of hope and knew she had found the support she needed.

“Talking to other people who were experiencing what I felt was comforting,” says Liz. “We all have good days and bad days. It helps to talk to someone and know that you’re not in this alone.”

During these uncertain times, when people may feel particularly anxious and isolated, your support of our online programs like CancerConnection.ca really benefits people with cancer. It allows them to discuss concerns about cancer and COVID-19, and talk about their journeys with others in the comfort of their own homes.

Fortunately for Liz, her bladder cancer was detected before it had spread. Today, she continues to be an active community member on CancerConnection.ca, using her own experience to support others on their cancer journeys.