Nurse makes a life-changing call

September 2020 -

After a breast cancer diagnosis left Pat Hartley “in shock,” she got the support she needed via a cancer helpline you made possible.

CCS community lets “people be themselves”

September 2020 -

An online community you helped to fund gave Nadia the support she needed to stay positive during her breast cancer journey.

Researching triple-negative breast cancer

September 2020 -

Thanks to your support, researchers have new insight into how triple-negative breast cancer spreads – a first step toward better prevention and treatment.

Community provides hope

September 2020 -

When a cancer diagnosis left Liz Webb feeling scared and uncertain, she found hope and strength through a CCS online community you helped to fund.

Putting safety first at our lodges

September 2020 -

With your support, we safely reopened our CCS Lodges, which provide safe and welcoming spaces for those who must travel for cancer treatment.

The remarkable things you made possible

September 2020 -

Thanks to your generosity, we invested more than $19 million into groundbreaking research that will improve the lives of Canadians affected by cancer.