Saving lives through research

20 March 2020

You helped fund $11.5 million in breast cancer research last year, providing 80 breast cancer research grants and awards to Canada’s brightest researchers.

Dr Ohashi

Improving Cancer Treatment

Immunotherapy is an incredibly promising type of treatment that helps the immune system overcome many types of cancer – but not breast cancer. Dr Pamela Ohashi is leading research to better understand why that is. If her research can uncover why the immune system’s attack on cancer cells is being blocked in breast cancer, this knowledge can help identify ways to overcome these barriers to improve treatment and ultimately save lives.

Dr Campbell

Improving Quality of Life

Up to 75% of women with chemotherapy-treated breast cancer report problems with attention, memory or thinking – commonly known as “chemo brain.” Dr Kristin Campbell and Dr Jennifer Brunet are leading research to determine if aerobic exercise is an effective way to reduce the symptoms of chemo brain in women with breast cancer. This promising strategy could offer an easy and inexpensive way to improve the quality of life of many women.