Impact Stories

Warm lodge sparks hope

March 2020 -

When Sharon had to travel far from home to receive treatment, she was worried about leaving her family behind. Because of your support, Sharon was able to stay at a CCS lodge where she found a safe space to heal, a circle of friendship, and the warmth of a home away from home.

An easier journey

March 2020 -

The road to recovery can be filled with obstacles – some unexpected. For Barb, it was finding a way to get to her treatment appointments. Through the CCS transportation service that you help fund, Barb got the rides – and peace of mind – she needed.

Saving lives through research

March 2020 -

Remarkable breakthroughs are taking place in the labs of some of Canada’s best and brightest researchers. Your support is funding exploration into many new and promising treatments for women with breast cancer.

Trailblazing research benefits babies

March 2020 -

A groundbreaking research study – made possible with your support – means new hope for babies with a common type of brain tumour. Dr Cynthia Hawkins and her team are working to minimize toxic therapies and maximize children’s chances.

Diving into Summer Camp

March 2020 -

When you helped send five-year-old Talia and her family to CCS’ Camp Goodtimes, you showed them that life is bigger than cancer. You gave them time to focus less on a diagnosis and more on campfires, nature, and personal connections.

Finding a place to call home

March 2020 -

Sometimes, home is not just a place, it’s a feeling. Thanks to you, when Harland had to travel far from home for cancer treatment, he felt all of the warmth of our CCS lodge, with its new friendships, compassionate staff – and delicious brownies.