A match that made all the difference

funding the best cancer researchAfter Doris Ashe had retired from her 27-year career as a long-term care nurse, she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. She found herself spending time with a neighbour who was undergoing cancer treatment, and soon realized how important it is to connect with someone going through the same experience.

“We talked for hours about what happens with radiation and chemotherapy," says Doris. "I felt a huge sense of relief letting it all out. I was normal and I was not alone in what I was experiencing."

Then Doris learned about the Canadian Cancer Society Peer Match Program – which you help make possible. Doris was matched with a cancer survivor who had been there and could understand what she was feeling.

The Peer Match service connects caregivers and people with cancer like Doris with fully-screened and trained volunteers who have gone through cancer themselves. The invaluable support of being able to feel heard and understood by someone who can truly relate can be one of the most motivating forces for not only coping with cancer, but also finding hope for what lies ahead.

“It was a huge help to know I was not going through this alone,” says Doris, reflecting on her time going through radiation, chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant.

“It’s an emotional and physical roller coaster. My Peer Match friend helped me feel that even though each treatment was hard, I could survive," she explains. "To hear that from someone who’s been through the experience helped me see that I could make it."

Nobody should have to go through the complex challenges of cancer alone. Doris is now cancer-free, and is grateful for the support system that was available when she needed it most, thanks to donors like you.

“I know from my own experience that you need support and encouragement to help you through,” she says. And compassionate donors like you are generously providing it. Thank you.

The Peer Match Program is just one of 4,000 community support services that can be found using our newly updated Community Services Locator. Thanks to you, CCS provides a national support system for those affected by cancer, and the Community Services Locator can direct people to local resources such as wigs, prostheses, financial aid or places to stay if they need to travel for treatment. This is just another one of the many initiatives you make possible!