Making cancer control an election priority

16 September 2019

ElectionsThe Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) is the voice for Canadians who care about cancer. In addition to funding groundbreaking research, providing trusted cancer information and offering programs and services to help people with cancer, we also work with government to bring about healthy public policies that will help prevent cancer and improve the lives of people living with cancer and their caregivers.

We take action on various issues at the local, provincial and federal level, and with this upcoming federal election we are calling on all political parties to support three specific cancer control priorities:

1. Extend the Employment Insurance Sickness Benefit from 15 to 26 weeks so that people going through cancer treatment have the same amount of time off as those who care for them.

a. What this means for you: If you are diagnosed with cancer, you may be eligible for more time off while undergoing treatment so that you can focus on the things that matter without worrying about your work.

2. Help hold the tobacco industry accountable for the damaging health effects of tobacco use by requiring that they pay Health Canada $66 million annually to recover the cost of programs to reduce tobacco use.

a. What this means for you: Your government would get back the money they spend every year on programs that help reduce tobacco use in Canada. And instead of that money coming from taxpayers, it would come from the tobacco industry – the very industry that is profiting from the sale of tobacco, which kills more than 45,000 Canadians annually.

3. Close the gaps in coverage for take-home cancer drugs so that all Canadians can have equal access to cancer treatment drugs, enabling them to undergo treatment in the comfort of their home.

a. What this means for you: No matter where you live in Canada, you would have fair and equal access to take-home cancer drugs so that you or your loved one can undergo cancer treatment at home, saving you the time, money and discomfort of traveling back and forth from hospital.

What can you do to help?

Show your support for these cancer control priorities by taking part in a letter writing campaign or asking your local candidates what they will do to prioritize cancer control if elected. To learn more, visit cancer.ca/FederalElection2019.