A home away from home in Halifax

22 November 2019

Dorothy LeVangie certainly knows about the power of a strong support system.

After waking up with a swollen face in 2012, it was months before Dorothy’s doctors diagnosed her with Ewing sarcoma – a rare cancer that most often occurs in bones or soft tissue. In April 2013, she had surgery to remove a tumour in her jaw, followed by several rounds of chemotherapy and radiation.

“It’s still so surreal,” says Dorothy. “I was shocked. I was a healthy mom living a perfect life and I couldn’t believe it happened.”

With love and support from family and friends, Dorothy has now made a full recovery and is inspired to help others.  To help support Canadians experiencing cancer, Dorothy now donates her time volunteering at The Susan K. Roberts Lodge That Gives in Halifax. At the lodge, Dorothy helps residents who have travelled to Halifax for cancer treatment and are a long way from home.

“The Lodge that Gives provides a real sense of community and camaraderie for all the people staying there,” says Dorothy. “Three years ago, I was introduced to the lodge and I’ve never looked back.”

Beyond providing accommodations, the lodge hosts engaging activities and programs for its guests, as well as support groups and information sessions.

“The Lodge that Gives offers so many programs, from movie to bingo nights, wig rooms and prosthetic fittings,” says Dorothy. “It’s so meaningful to me to be able to help the residents there.”

Did you know that the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) operates lodges in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, British Columbia and Quebec? Last year, CCS offered 9,400 people access to a caring and supportive home away from home during cancer treatment. You can help support CCS lodges by giving the gift of A Nutritious Meal, A Home Away from Home, or Help Equip a Lodge.