A vital upgrade for a vital tool

11 March 2019

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As a nurse, Kathy Campbell worked with hundreds of cancer patients throughout her career, but never imagined having to one day complete the same treatment herself. In 2004, Kathy walked into her regional cancer centre and traded in her nursing scrubs for a patient gown.

“I was constantly surrounded by people with cancer, but when learned I had breast cancer it was quite the shock. I helped give people their chemotherapy never thinking that one day I’d be on the receiving end. The first thing I remember after hearing my diagnosis was feeling paralyzed. I couldn’t believe it,” says Kathy.

Despite facing fear and uncertainty about the journey ahead, Kathy decided to remain positive. Though she was constantly surrounded and encouraged by her loved ones, Kathy felt like she needed to speak to someone who could relate to what she was experiencing. That’s when she turned to the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) Peer Match Program.

The CCS Peer Match Program is just one of the many services that can be found using CCS’s Community Services Locator. The Community Services Locator (CSL) is a nationwide directory supported by CCS that has been designed to help people affected by cancer find support services in their community.

The CSL lists over 4,000 cancer support services for communities across Canada, including where to find support, wigs and prostheses, financial help, places to stay and more.

Early this year, updates to the CSL were completed, making the platform more user-friendly and allowing people with cancer the chance to access the support they need much more smoothly. Additionally, smoking cessation resources have also been integrated to help smokers learn more about quitting or where they can turn to for support.

Did you know you can help support many of the CCS services that are listed in the CSL by purchasing a Gift for the Cure? Your purchase of a phone call, a wig, or a round trip ride to treatment can help people with cancer receive the support they need, when they need it most.