Helping change and save children’s lives

25 September 2018

Childhood Cancer Futures FundA cancer diagnosis can be devastating for anyone but it is particularly incomprehensible when a child is facing cancer. While childhood cancers account for less than 1% of all cancers diagnosed in Canada, they take a significant toll on Canadian families. Childhood cancer is the number one cause of disease-related death in Canadian children past infancy and for those children who survive their diagnosis, 2 out of every 3 will suffer long-term side effects from their treatment.

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, there is a lot to cope with. Organizations like the Canadian Cancer Society can provide reliable information through our Cancer Information Service, peer support for parents through a variety of programs and transportation to treatment through Wheels of Hope. But the reality is a childhood cancer diagnosis is life-altering and, simply, one child with cancer is one too many.

The good news is progress has been made and continues to be made every day. In the 1980s, the five-year survival rate for childhood cancer was 71%. Today, this has risen to 83% because of investments in research that have led to more effective diagnoses and treatment. Thanks to our donors, we have invested more than $50 million in the last 15 years, supporting more than 170 research projects to help children survive cancer and thrive well beyond.

Our Childhood Cancer Futures Fund allows us to create a lasting change in the health of young cancer patients. Researchers we support through the Futures Fund explore new ways to detect, diagnose and treat childhood cancers, as well as reduce the long-term side effects faced by survivors as a result of their treatments.

Help us invest in game-changing research and programs for children with cancer by supporting our Childhood Cancer Futures Fund. Together, we can make a difference.