Running together to make breast cancer beatable

25 July 2018

After Madonna Hawco went through treatment for advanced and aggressive breast cancer in 2001, she knew she wanted to give back to the breast cancer cause. When Madonna heard about a local CIBC Run for the Cure event in St. John's, Newfoundland, she signed up

After experiencing their first Run, Madonna and her friends were inspired to form a team the next year. In 2002, a group of sisters, aunts, nieces and friends came together to create the Circle of Friends Run team. Since then, the team has raised more than $200,000.

“Our team is well-known in our community, people will often approach me in the lead up to the Run to ask if they can support us in some way,” says Madonna. “The camaraderie of our team is incredible. On Run day there’s a smile on everyone’s face.”

Members of Circle of Friends are incredibly dedicated to the breast cancer cause. When Madonna’s sister was in palliative care following a bowel cancer diagnosis, she continued to stay involved with the team, gathering support and donations for the Run from her room. On the day of the Run, the team visited her so she could still celebrate with them.

For Madonna, the Run represents a chance to connect with fellow survivors and women currently living with breast cancer. Seventeen years after her diagnosis, she continues to offer support to women recently diagnosed with breast cancer by attending a breast cancer support group.

Support the breast cancer cause with your loved ones by your side by forming a Run team. Visit to sign up today.