Breathing easier thanks to Smokers' Helpline

15 January 2018

Cindy Lawson is breathing easier after using Smokers’ Helpline to help her quit smokingCindy Lawson is breathing easier after using Smokers’ Helpline to help her quit smoking.

After being a smoker for 40 years, Cindy won’t be buying any more cigarettes.

“I deserve to not smoke ever again,” says Cindy, who lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. “The first day was the hardest, but now that I have the first day, week and month under my belt I know that I’m moving in the right direction.”

Cindy was able to use SmokersHelpline.ca to help her quit.

“For the first couple of weeks I think I lived on the website, every time I felt an urge to smoke, I went online for encouragement, information and helpful tips,” she recalls.

“I’m glad that I quit smoking for many reasons; it has saved me money, my sense of smell and taste is coming back, and I don’t smell like a smoker anymore,” says Cindy, adding that her mother, father and sister died of smoking, or secondhand-smoke related illnesses. Cindy also won $500 in the First Week Challenge Contest – a contest held by Smokers’ Helpline at the start of each month that challenges smokers to quit for 7 days for the chance to win $500.

Smokers' Helpline is a free, confidential service operated by the Canadian Cancer Society offering support and information about quitting smoking and tobacco use.

Anyone who has questions about quitting smoking can connect with Smokers’ Helpline. A Quit Coach will provide non-judgmental personalized support, tips and strategies for quitting smoking and tobacco use, and find community-based support services available in your area.

Smokers' Helpline serves Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Yukon. For quitline services in other provinces, visit www.cancer.ca/quitlines. Anyone looking to use Smokers’ Helpline can use the website, www.smokershelpline.ca or call 1-877-513-5333.