Not all heroes wear capes

Sara McLean’s voice fills with emotion as she describes her 7-year old son Sora. “He’s the kindest child I’ve ever met, and I’m not just saying that because I’m his mom.”

Diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia in October of 2015 at just 6 years old, Sora went through four bouts of high-dose chemotherapy and two rounds of whole body radiation before he received a stem cell transplant on January 19, 2016.  While the transplant initially seemed promising, on April 4th, 2016, Sara learned that Sora’s cancer had become terminal. Exactly two weeks later, Sora passed away at his home in Brandon, Manitoba.

The grieving process has been difficult for Sara, her husband Michael and their 10-year old daughter Kyree, but Sara is determined to put a positive spin on everything she can. “Sora had limitless energy and a positive spirit that never broke. He’s my inspiration,” she says.

In his honour, Sara and her daughter have gotten involved with a number of different non-profits who were part of Sora’s cancer journey. Going by the team name Super Sora’s Squad for all of their fundraising efforts, Sara and Kyree are determined to make a difference in Sora’s name.

Getting involved with the Brandon Relay For Life has been especially important to Sara and Kyree. “This has already been such a positive experience,” explains Sara. “It can be hard to talk to people who don’t understand how a cancer diagnosis or loss can affect you. Our Relay For Life team feels like family – they have their own stories and we can share them with each other.”

As the Honorary Co-Chairs of their Relay For Life event, Sara and Kyree have been recruiting other teams to join them.  As Sara knows firsthand, “cancer patients go through so much already. Making things easier for them by participating in events like Relay For Life, which fund support services and lifesaving research is so important.”

With Relay For Life events taking place across Canada, you can join Sara and Kyree by participating or volunteering at an event near you! Click here to learn more or to register now.