Relay takes Canada by storm

RelayThanks to 85,000 dedicated and passionate Relayers and volunteers from coast to coast, this year’s Relay For Life season was a smashing success. More than 365 events have been held across the country – raising a whopping $23.5 million – with several events yet to happen and donations still coming in.

“We can’t express our thanks enough,” says Kyle Smith, senior manager, Relay For Life. “Whether Relayers are cheering on survivors, passing the baton to their teammates or raising money for their team, these incredible people know that while cancer can change everything, they can too. We are so grateful they chose to go on that journey with us.”

One Relay event in particular was especially successful. On May 14, the Relay For Life in Prince George, British Columbia, celebrated its 25th year. The event attracted more than 1,100 participants making up 127 teams, and with people still donating, the event is likely to surpass last year’s amazing $556,000 raised. This Relay has been recognized as the Top Relay in Canada for 4 consecutive years.

Organizers of this event credit their engaged and dedicated volunteer committee for the success, as well as teams like the Allnorth Allstars who commit to fundraising year round.

To date, Allnorth Allstars has raised more than $146,000 for CCS since joining Relay in 2008. The team fundraises by hosting different events throughout the year. They grow their team by engaging their family and friends in the incredible work they do.

“Cancer affects everyone, in some way. We have lost some people very close to us. Relay is one way we can help fight back,” says the Allnorth Allstars.

It’s been an amazing year so far. Stay tuned for details on next year’s exciting event, and remember, it’s not too late to show your support for the 2017 Relay season. Donate now